Mr Bowen Himself

Mr Bowen Swersey himself Whether in poetry or stone, it can be said that no one enjoys their work as much as Bowen, and that enthusiasm is infectious and reflected in the results of his endeavors.

Bowen draws much of his inspiration from his experiences traveling abroad. He has studied and practiced stonework in England, Wales, France, Brittany, Spain, Germany and Finland, and his style of stonework reflects a broad base of influences. Over three years living and working abroad in Europe has given him a unique perspective of composition and technique. Of particular interest is the megalithic constructions of the Druids in England and Brittany.

One year living in India and travels through Southeast Asia have widened his view of the world and our small part in it.

Bowen Swersey has been nurturing his inner artist since first playing with Lincoln Logs and Legos. Since that time, he has taught and performed traditional folk dance, bamboo flute making (under the moniker Dragonbone Flutes), written over fifty songs, performed hundreds of concerts as a professional musician (most notably as the leader of The Beatroots, 1994-2001), given workshops on open tunings for the guitar, built four harps, written two books of poetry and a short novel, and held a monthly poetry group in SW Harbor. Bowen is now working on his second novel of historical fiction.

Bowen has lived on MDI for twenty years, where he gardens, hikes, rows, and plays bocce every Monday night. Bowen enjoys wildcrafting, and has been an avid mushroom hunter for years. He also does an annual harvest of rosehips and blackberries for cooking and canning. He is the father of a grown son, Jonah, who is the designer and host for this and many other websites. Bowen's wife Christine is the proprietor of Virtues Hair and Skin Salon in Bangor..