Acadia Stone and Garden

Sand point Patio and Steps Acadia Stone and Garden is dedicated to setting your dreams in stone.

The coast of Maine, and Acadia in particular attracts people who love the outdoors. The legacy of the island is one of stone, and stone implies permanence, solidity, timelessness. Your outdoor living space must reflect your lifestyle and personal aesthetic, as well as blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings. It can also invite, guide and inspire you and your guests. Whatever your dreams and needs, we will work together to design and realize the perfect solution.

Though the value of a stone landscape must be ameliorated over generations, we understand that finances are important. Proprietor Bowen Swersey will give a free estimate for any installation which will be realistic and conservative. Bowen takes pride in his word as a businessman and will also work on a fixed-price basis.

Another very unique aspect of Acadia Stone and Garden is that all construction is done by hand and with hand tools, under the direct supervision of the owner. We very seldom use hydraulic machines, though we do have a tripod and electric cable winch for heavier work, such as granite block seawalls. Many of our jobs are done in places where backhoes and other heavy machinery cannot gain access. One of the real pleasures of our work is to lever large stones into place and have customers wonder at how we managed to do it. Our logo represents the power of the simple lever, and every aspect of our work reveals the lever's potency.

Our patios, walkways and stone walls are featured in over 70 homes on the coast of Maine, as well as several businesses and hotels. We have been rebuilding 80 year old retaining walls on Rockefeller's Ringing Point residence, and have recently completed three granite block seawalls in SW Harbor, Maine.

In addition to stonework, Acadia Stone and Garden also does garden design, plant installation, wood construction (outbuildings, decks, stairs, pergolas and treehouses), bocce courts and much, much more. The addition of hand-carved stone signs is a new product we offer.

Though we are based on Mount Desert Island, we are happy to travel almost anywhere, and our work can be seen from Florida to Maine, and California to Germany.

Let us build the perfect outdoor living space and garden for you!

Acadia Stone and Garden
PO Box 266
SW Harbor, ME 

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Please note that any deposit paid towards work by Acadia Stone and Garden is final - a professional obligation to ensure my work schedule as an independent contractor.